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Berkeley Landlords Form Political Action Committee to Raise Half Million per Year

Thursday June 11, 2015 - 02:45:00 PM

Editor's Note: The announcement below was forwarded to the Planet in an email:


A group of Berkeley property owners, with the support of and in association with the Berkeley Property Owners Association, is forming a new organization ­ ­­­- the Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition (BRHC) - that will advance the interests of rental property owners through a political action committee (PAC) and legal defense fund.

The BRHC, which will be the subject of a special issue of the BPOA Newsletter later this month, will raise funds to take political and legal steps that will proactively address imbalances in public policies impacting rental housing providers and the rental housing market in Berkeley.

The founding members have committed themselves to support the BRHC in amounts equal to what we pay to the Rent Board, so long as we raise collectively a minimum of $500,000 per year. While the Rent Board uses our money to undermine our rights, the BRHC will use its funds to fight for our rights, bringing balance to matters that have been far out of balance for far too long. 

A key step in forming the BRHC will be hiring an Executive Director. We are seeking someone with significant political, organizational, and technical skills who has the energy and vision to make this project a success. A job description is attached to this email and copied below. If you or somebody you know would be interested in the position, please let us know. We hope to have the Executive Director on board and working by mid-July, 2015. Sooner would be better. 

It is time for us to take a stand together. Whether you have 2 units or 200, we hope you will join us in this historic effort. And do let us know if you are or know of a candidate for the executive director position. 

BRHC Organizing Committee: Sam Sorokin, Sid Lakireddy, Jon Vicars, Michael St. John, Venkata Vemireddy, Albert Sukoff, Judy Shaw, Laksh Lakireddy, Franco Reggi, Bob Richerson, Richard Genirberg. 


Berkeley property owners are seeking a skilled individual to serve as the executive director of a political action committee / legal defense fund to protect and advance the interests of rental housing providers in Berkeley's complex legal and political environment. The Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition (BRHC) will be associated with, but separate from, the Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA). 

The successful applicant will be self-motivated, creative, and capable of organizing a multi-faceted political advocacy and legal defense program. He or she will have experience and skills in fundraising, lobbying, and budget management. The ideal candidate is familiar with Berkeley's political environment and has existing contacts within Berkeley's rental housing community. He or she will have organized other complex projects and will be able to "hit the ground running" with this project. He or she will communicate clearly and effectively in writing, in conversation, and in public forums. A background in real estate, property management, the law, or politics would be appropriate. The applicant should be able to relate well to the board of directors, providing information for the board to use in its deliberations, communicating comfortably with individual members of the board, and following the board's directions effectively . We offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with experience. The position calls for a substantial time commitment during the start-up phase of the Coalition, but we envision that the position might shift to part time when the organization is up and running, allowing applicants with other interests, responsibilities, and time-commitments to apply. Contact us at with suggestions, possibilities, or expressions of interest.