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Press Release: Berkeley City Staff Analysis of Balcony Collapse

From Matthai Chakko, City of Berkeley public relations
Wednesday June 24, 2015 - 04:06:00 AM

A week after the tragic balcony collapse at 2020 Kittredge, City of Berkeley staff have concluded their analysis of the incident. Among other observations, City inspectors noted that the deck joist ends protruding from the exterior wall appeared to be severely dry rotted. 

Based on their observations, City staff will recommend that the City Council adopt new and modified regulations to enhance the safety of all current and future buildings in Berkeley. 

The changes would make new balconies and other sealed areas exposed to weather subject to stricter requirements on materials, inspection and ventilation. In addition, the proposed regulations would institute regular maintenance inspections for all such spaces for future buildings as well as those units already built. 

The new inspection requirements would apply to existing buildings and would require inspections of all such spaces within six months of the passage of the proposed ordinances. Subsequently, those units would be required to have maintenance inspections by qualified inspectors once every five years. 

Building and Safety Division staff also confirmed that the Approved Plans complied with the applicable California Building Code requirements in effect at that time, and also that all state building code-mandated inspections were conducted. 

Please read the staff report for further detai