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New: City Council Highlights….

Councilmember Linda Maio
Monday July 13, 2015 - 05:00:00 PM

Tomorrow night's meeting, July 14th, is the last one before summer break. Council will reconvene on September 15th. Here are a few items of interest on the agenda.

Initiating a Plan for San Pablo Avenue

Councilmember Darryl Moore and I are requesting that a Plan be developed for San Pablo Avenue to guide development and map out improvements for the corridor. Item #37 [PDF]

Clarifying the relationship of a proposed rear yard unit to the front residential unit 

This item, which I am recommending, is to create more clarity as rear yard units are increasingly being proposed in our residential districts. Item #31 [PDF]

Public Hearing on needed amendments to the Berkeley Housing Code  

These items is intended to strengthen our building codes, immediately, as they relate to balconies, in the wake of the tragic loss of life from a rotted balcony support. Some provisions will require State approval. Items #48 [PDF], #51 [PDF], #52 [PDF]

Establishing Community Benefits for new projects over 75 feet high 

The Downtown Plan now permits dense and tall buildings in the Downtown over 75 feet. As we move forward, we need to ensure that benefits accrue to the City particularly for desperately needed affordable housing. Unlike what has been asserted by some, all projects will receive outside and independent review as to the feasible level and amount of contribution for community benefits. Affordable housing is our most important need. Other considerations for benefits include good project labor agreements and support for the arts, public open space, and other public amenities. Item #54 [PDF]

Questions and comments are very welcome.