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New: City Accepts $2 Million Grant to Use Toxic Tires in Paving and Playing Fields

Merrilie Mitchell
Monday July 13, 2015 - 05:04:00 PM

Our city has accepted $2 million in Cal Recycle grants for recycling thousands of old (toxic) tires into our asphalt mix. This asphalt would be used to pave streets and sidewalks and for crumb rubber (tiny pellets) used to rejuvenate artificial turf fields. 

The tire crumbs get on our kids, especially soccer goalies, who may be exposed to a rare form of cancer. 

Fortunately we do not need to use these toxic rubber crumbs – there are excellent alternatives: 

1. Use non-rubberized asphalt for paving. It's fine 

2) Use cork and/or coconut hull artificial turf. It's beautiful, long lasting and non-toxic! 

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