New: Deforesting the East Bay Hills

Cecile Pineda, conservation writer
Wednesday July 15, 2015 - 09:57:00 AM

Surely there’s a better way for Oakland Parks, which charge ghetto youth up to $90 a year to shoot a few hoops, to spend FEMA's bribe of 6 million dollars than by clearcutting the East Bay Hills from Wildcat Canyon south to Piedmont Pines and Redwood Regional Park (see http://www.saveeastbayhills.org/the-clear-cutting-plan.html). 

What do Mayor Schaaf, EBRPD Manager Robert Doyle, and Chancellor Dirk know about FEMAs plan that the 90% of folks who oppose it don’t know? Is this about fire eradication? If so, why would the chipped trees be left on site? Is this about addressing the drought? Trees condense millions of gallons of water into the soil. Is this about addressing global warming? 600,000 trees represent a significant carbon sink. With millions of gallons of toxic herbicides, applied twice a year for over ten years, is this about improving bay area air quality? And is this about preventing erosion? Those trees are what holds the soil on the hills and canyons, preventing landslides. So what IS it about? What was dropping Agent Orange on Vietnam all about? 

At this point, 16 days away from the project start date, only people protesting and a court injunction can stay FEMAs dread hand.