New: Will Your Neighborhood Gentrify Next? (Public Comment)

Elisa Cooper
Wednesday August 26, 2015 - 02:22:00 PM

Are telephone poles in your neighborhood plastered with signs offering easy cash if you sell your house now? Has the house on the corner been flipped three times in the last year? Do you live in terror having to move in the current insane rent environment? Did a “Starbucks Effect” bomb just drop on on your neighborhood?

If so, your neighborhood might be suffering the effects of gentrification.

If you’re still disoriented and confused and not sure if your neighborhood is suffering from the effects of rampant property speculation, U.C. Berkeley researchers have developed an app for that

Just zoom in to the San Francisco Bay Area Gentrification and Displacement Map to see if low income people are being exiled from your neighborhood and the area is losing demographic diversity. 

If only there were a cool tool to *stop* the gentrification and displacement.