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Druggings, Sexual Assaults at U.C. Berkeley Fraternities

Scott Morris (BCN)
Friday February 26, 2016 - 10:28:00 AM

Four female students at the University of California at Berkeley are believed to have been drugged at two different fraternities on Friday evening, university police said. 

Two students were reported drugged at the Chi Psi fraternity at 2311 Piedmont Ave. while on the same evening two other students were drugged at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity about a block away on Channing Way. 

Police previously reported there was a sexual assault the same night at an unnamed fraternity. 

University police have asked anyone who thinks they had been drugged to seek medical attention and to file a police report. 

Anyone with information about sexual assaults or druggings has been asked to contact Berkeley police at (510) 981-5900.