Public Comment

The President Must Not Delay Nominating Justice

Romila Khanna
Friday February 26, 2016 - 06:35:00 PM

I was watching TV today. The screen showed Justice Scalia’s empty seat in the Supreme Court. I was under the impression that President has the constitutional power to nominate a well-qualified candidate to fill the vacant seat. But it seems many of our lawmakers are worried that a justice appointed by the President would favor the president’s political leanings rather than the rule of law. Surely well qualified means a person dedicated to the rule of law. It seems that Republicans are obstructionist. 

Many members of the public are unhappy that Republican congressmen waste time and taxpayer dollars to continue to block President Obama’s judicial nominations. It is even more troubling that Republican congressmen block programs that provide a safety net in health and educational benefits for the least privileged citizens – the low income and the poor. 

How will the next generation learn that Republicans and Democrats can work together to maintain a sense of community among all citizens, rich and poor? They need a better example than Washington is providing right now.