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New: Clinton vs. Trump

Jeff Hoffman
Tuesday March 01, 2016 - 09:51:00 PM

I find it laughable that anyone except for those with vested interests would care much who wins between Clinton and Trump. If the Democratic primary weren't rigged in favor of establishment candidates like Clinton and if Clinton didn't have a huge advantage of money and power behind her, we might be able to vote for Bernie Sanders against Trump. Sanders is the only choice for real progressives who would have a realistic chance of getting elected (obviously the Green and other minor party candidates are good choices ideologically, but they have no chance of winning). 

In some ways, Trump would be better than Clinton: for one thing, he strongly opposes the TPP and other such agreements. Clinton now says she's opposed to the TPP too, but she's really not and won't block it if elected. TPP is a huge issue, bigger than all the social issues put together, because it will affect far more people and the entire planet environmentally. 

While we all hate the Republicans and their racist & homophobic garbage, Trump is clearly not as bad as Rubio or Cruz (see the previous paragraph). Clinton is nothing but another corporate Democrat, is a quintessential yuppie, and is a total war monger to boot. She might be better on abortion/birth control -- another huge issue because it affect a half the population directly (women) and the entire planet regarding overpopulation -- but Trump used to be pro-choice also, and it's hard to say whether he's just saying he's anti-choice in order to get the Republican troglodytes to vote for him. Overall, it's basically a tossup who's worse, so who cares? 

Unless Bernie Sanders pulls off a totally unexpected upset, I'll be voting Green once again in the presidential election (Barbara Lee and Ron Dellums are the only Democrats I've voted for since George McGovern). I see no reason to vote for Clinton. I really hate the hysteria that's created every four years by mainstream Democrats telling us that we'd better tow their corporate line or we'll end up with [fill in the blank], who will be equivalent to Hitler. Trump would not be as bad as Reagan or Bush II/Cheney, so enough of this BS. If you're truly progressive, there's no way in hell you vote for Clinton, regardless of who she's running against.