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Trump vs. Clinton: Reprise

Jeff Hoffman
Friday March 04, 2016 - 01:16:00 PM

Jack Bragen: By your comments you are clearly not progressive; you are liberal at most, maybe center-right. That explains why you "believe [Clinton] would make a superlative President." No progressive would say that or anything even close. You clearly represent the conservative faction of Berkeley.

As to your comments about Trump's racism, reread my comment; I noted that and expressed disgust about it. But racism is only one issue, and despite how it may offend your sensibilities, it's not as important as things like investors' rights agreements or war, because it affects far fewer people and generally does not affect the environment. 

As to having a woman president, yeah, that would be great if it were someone like Barbara Lee or even Elizabeth Warren. But identity politics are stupid and we should never support someone just because of her gender, color, ethnicity, etc. Clinton would hopefully be very good on abortion and birth control issues, but she can't be trusted and might sell those issues down the river in exchange for things that mean more to her, like war mongering (she's great at that, just learned that she was the primary cause of the U.S. attacking Libya and destroying that country, for oil as usual despite the lying pretext of avoiding a massacre), and corporate and general economic issues. 

Sorry, but you can't call yourself a progressive and support a pro-corporate war monger like Clinton. She embodies the establishment and because of her war-mongering she would be worse than her husband, who brought us the horrors of NAFTA and GATT.