Public Comment

Democratic Presidential Contenders

Tejinder Uberoi
Friday March 11, 2016 - 04:16:00 PM

The print and cable media continues to keep up the drum beat of Bernie Sanders being unelectable and have effectively blocked out his campaign coverage. By contrast, Hillary Clinton actual record has largely escaped scrutiny. She supported the deregulation and gambling activities of Wall Street which precipitated the economic crash of 2008. Her stubborn refusal to release the transcript of her speech to Golden Sacks speaks volumes of her cozy relationship to these banks. At the recent Democratic debate she defended her dark money activity claiming that it was acceptable because President Obama was also a recipient of millions from Wall Street Banks. That is precisely why the Wall Street banks got a free pass from the Obama administration and none of the executives served prison time. 

Responding to the political winds of change, Clinton waited until April 2014 to support the modest, staggered $10.10 per hour minimum wage bill. 

Her vote for the disastrous war in Iraq was not a minor aberration but a major policy blunder. Later, she ignored the advice of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, for an unauthorized war on Libya that has plunged the region into utter chaos. Using a private email server in her garage to conduct private and state business displays a further lack of judgment. To allow subordinates to be the fall guys in an ongoing FBI investigation is inexcusable. 

By contrast, Sanders is squeaky clean and exhibits a rare quality of integrity and a sincere compassion for the underdogs in our society.