Public Comment

The Social Damage Inflicted by Trump

Jack Bragen
Friday March 18, 2016 - 12:47:00 PM

Very few individuals are in a position to redirect human history. With such power, there comes tremendous responsibility. Donald Trump, by virtue of being a billionaire and because of the magnitude of societal fallout from his campaign, is taking on that power, yet is failing miserably to handle that power responsibly.  

Should Trump lose his bid for the Presidency, it won't mean an end to the influence on American culture that the campaign has already carved. We could see a Clinton or Sanders Administration that will be mired in problems created by the negativity of Trump followers.  

As has happened in the George W. Bush Administration in which that presidency did indelible and extensive damage to the U.S., Trump, merely in campaigning in such a dirty, hateful, violent and cynical manner, has already done indelible damage to the U.S., and there is more to come.  

People are not better off because of Trump's influence; instead, we are far worse off. And Trump doesn't give a damn about this. This is a new movement in the U.S., and we could call it the Hate Movement.  

Under what I'm calling "The Hate Movement," various groups that are based upon racism, hatred, destructiveness, and violence could be consolidated into Trump followers, and these followers represent a grave threat of possible domestic terrorism.  

This will not go away after the election. While Clinton may have a better chance of winning the election than Trump, Mr. Trump will have spearheaded a powerful force that wants to end fairness, end kindness, and end a benevolent U.S. These are individuals who may have grown up playing awfully violent video games, who may be linked to the KKK, and who may be linked to Neo-Nazis. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security will have their work cut out for them, and will likely be working to protect the security of innocent people who are at risk from these groups.  

Will the U.S. be ruined by the Trump campaign, even if he is not elected? It remains to be seen. It is also possible that everything could settle down and that the Trump followers will calm down and go back to "business as usual," whatever that might consist of.  

If Trump wins, through a rigged election, through intimidation at the polling places, through riots on Election Day, or simply by a November surprise, then, I believe our way of life will be doomed.  

Either way, Donald Trump doesn't care that he is wrecking things and is only concerned with his own power and affluence.