Public Comment

The Election Campaign

Romila Khanna
Friday March 25, 2016 - 05:08:00 PM

The primaries look like a funny show. The way many presidential candidates are spreading negativity among one another and towards the other party’s candidates them look unworthy of the highest office. I am surprised by the style of name calling and bullying in the debates. The candidate for the highest office should have better control over choice of words.  

Politicians in the public sphere are role models. Their rudeness in the primaries gives young people the wrong example of how to address differences of opinion within one’s own party and with the other party. 

Let voters choose candidates we can trust—those who are respectful of differences of opinion as much as they are respectful of the cultural differences that make America such a special nation. 

Let voters choose candidates who are empathetic—who have a vivid understanding of what it is like to live on the bottom of the heap. 

Unless we elect leaders who will work for the welfare of the least among us, we will never form a community that the world can look upon with admiration.