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New: A Muslim Responds to the Brussels Attack

Monday March 28, 2016 - 11:57:00 AM

As an Ahmadi Muslim, I condemn these barbaric attacks on innocent civilians and my heartfelt condolences go out to all those affected by this tragedy. We stand with the people of Belgium and pray for their recovery and for justice. Terrorism is never justified and all those who perpetrate these atrocities ignore basic principles of Islam. The Quran categorically condemns terrorism when it states, “Whosoever kills an innocent…it is as if he has killed all of mankind” (5:32). Similar to Paris Attacks and San Bernardino shootings, again there is disparity in responses towards attacks in non-Muslim countries as compared to Muslim countries. Recent bombings in Turkey were largely ignored or at least not equally regarded as attacks in France and Belgium. While I do not wish to compare tragedies, it should be recognized that radical elements are a mutual enemy and the taking of innocent lives anywhere is a tragedy. That is why as the president for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association at the University of California Berkeley, we are organizing True Islam campaign to educate young Muslim the true teaching of Islam. The only cure to this cancer of ignorance is by education because after all, military airstrikes can only ‘’kill” those terrorist mastermind not the ideology. 

Khalida Jamilah is UC Berkeley Peace and Conflict Studies undergraduate and a member of the Ahmadiyya Women's Muslim Writers Guild.