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Qualifications of Bernie and Hillary

Richard Phelps
Friday April 08, 2016 - 03:28:00 PM

Clinton is eminently qualified to be President of a Corporate America. Bernie is the only candidate qualified to be President of an America that treats Main Street and peace in the world as its primary focus, not Wall Street and the military and prison industrial complexes. 

All the pundits think in terms of meritocracy not class consciousness and class loyalty. Clinton's loyalty is to the upper class and to gaining more millions for herself. Bernie's loyalty is to working people, the middle class and poor folks, he has never used politics to enrich himself, aka taking contributions from Wall Street, oil, big pharma etc.  

Yes, one needs to be intelligent and understand the world and both qualify. The most important qualification, to quote an old Union slogan, is "Which side are you on?" And folks there is only one candidate that qualifies for being 100% on the side of the vast majority of the people v. Wall Street and big corporations. Bernie Sanders!! And once you understand this there is nothing else to consider.  

Vote Bernie or get one of the four other corporate America first candidates. This is why Bernie gets treated so badly by all the establishment media, pundits and even the establishment non- profits, Congressional Black Caucus PAC with multiple corporate lobbyists on their BOD, and the Black establishment. The same Black Establishment that disavowed MLK Jr.'s stepping out of the racial justice box by adding stop the Viet Nam war and economic justice to his campaign. "Killer Mike" has said it many times, he supports Bernie since he is the only candidate who continues King's multiple issues agenda for justice.