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Can we bring a positive change by deep thinking?

Romila Khanna
Friday April 15, 2016 - 03:20:00 PM

Why is Congress ignoring the needs of public? Maybe they know their jobs are secure for two years and they can enjoy all the federal benefits that come with their jobs. It would be better for the country if their term of office were limited to one year. 

Promises are made to win elections but later the promises are forgotten. Once they are elected, Congressmen forget the public is watching. Instead, in the name of economic growth or recovery, they help just the 1%. Why should only the rich enjoy the attention of our Congress? 

The wearer knows where the shoe pinches. I wish our worthy lawmakers would remember the difficult circumstances of the poor and the needy. Perhaps silent introspection will make Congressmen aware of what the country needs, not of what their Party needs. In silence they might learn the compassion and empathy they sorely lack.