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New: Don't Miss This: NYT does BARF

Sunday April 17, 2016 - 02:20:00 PM

The easily-suckered and ever-parochial New York Times has published another one of its classic "Isn't the West weird?" stories, this one about the colorful BARFers, about whom you may have heard in these pages on many occasions:

In Cramped and Costly Bay Area,Cries to Build,Baby, Build

Rest assured, I'll have more to say about this before long, but in the meatime don't miss the comments on the article, now pushing 800 in number, the vast majority of them strongly anti-BARF. The best is from a Berkeleyan, Robert Lauriston:

"I find it bizarre that the NY Times could publish 3300 words about development in the SF Bay Area and not one of those words is 'water.' "

Yes, but you do need to know that in Manhattan you just have to turn the tap and out it comes.

And in case you think BARF is only in San Francisco, a reader who's lurking on the BARF list-serv tells me that Councilmember Lori Droste's HAC representative, Diego Aguilar-Canabal, a BARFie, was observed signing up SF BARF members using that list to speak at the [last City Council] meeting. He was also lobbying the Mayor's office to rearrange the agenda, with disastrous success.

One of Bates' aides appears to be a BARFer.

If you live in Droste's District 8, you might want to ask her why making an alliance with this cast of clowns is in the best interest of her constituents.