Public Comment

It’s Time to Make Berkeley Truly Progressive

From Margot Smith for BPA
Friday April 22, 2016 - 04:42:00 PM

The Berkeley Progressive Alliance was formed to support the election of a progressive Mayor and City Council in the November 2016 election and to promote progressive policies. Many in Berkeley find that their voices are being ignored and that a grassroots response is needed.

On Saturday, April 30th the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Berkeley Citizens Action and Berkeley Tenants Union are holding a joint meeting to endorse candidates who support their progressive agenda. The meeting for endorsements will be held from 2 pm to 5 pm at the MLK Jr Young Adult Project (YAP) Recreation Center at 1730 Oregon St., west of MLK. Members of BPA, BCA and BTU will vote to endorse candidates for Berkeley's Mayor and City Council. For more information please contact the Berkeley Progressive Alliance at 

These organizations are part of a network of progressive Berkeley citizens working to curb the influence of special interests and make local government accountable to the residents of Berkeley. They include a campaign in to increase funding for affordable housing in Berkeley. 

Teach-ins, public meetings, and online petitions by BPA, BNC and BTU successfully opposed the Mayor's housing proposal that would have allowed development to occur without a transparent, public process. Their efforts, along with those of other community groups, have encouraged civic leaders to consider several innovative affordable housing strategies and preserve Berkeley’s diversity. They are also working to advance green
sustainable policies. 

The BPA affordable housing platform and mission statement and progressive agenda can be found on-line at