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Self-driving Vehicle Blues (3/4 time,written on Route 79 on the way to the Augusta Music Heritage Festival)

Carol Denney
Friday August 26, 2016 - 11:45:00 AM

a self-driving car tried to take me

to a place I did not want to go

it kept going faster and faster

when I wanted to go really slow

that self-driving car was annoying

it just had a mind of its own

it wanted a clear destination my dear

and me I just want to go home


Chorus: I'll take me a self-shooting shotgun 

and I wouldn't mind self-tying shoes 

but the self-driving car 

is going too far 

got the self-driving vehicle blues 


sometimes we're beyond understanding 

sometimes we are lost now it's true 

and sometimes we know we don't know where to go 

even though we keep thinking we do 

but I'm trying to steer clear of computers 

I got one at home I can't stand 

on the information highway I look 

just like the road kill I am (chorus) 



if you don't wanna drive you don't have to 

you can hop yourself up on a bus 

the only thing that will be different 

is accepting you're just one of us 

if you don't wanna drive you have choices 

in a taxi you sit at your ease 

if Aunt Sally's around she will sit herself down 

at the wheel if you give her the keys 



if a self-driving car has to get me 

it can take me the day that I die 

there won't be a lot of folks weeping 

and nobody waving goodbye 

when I cash it in it can take me 

for the better my friend or the worse 

on the day that I die they will be sending by 

a beautiful self-driving hearse (chorus)