Public Comment

Politicians deliver talk, not action

Romila Khanna
Friday September 02, 2016 - 10:30:00 AM

The Republican nominee for President talks making America great again. He has a great plan to make America debt-free if he wins the election and goes to the White House. But he forgets the needs of the most neglected people. I do not share his vision of making America great by hurting the poor and lower middle class people. 

The other day I met an elderly couple on the bus. They started talking to me about the forthcoming elections. The lady asked me if I liked the policies the Republican nominee proposed. They also wanted to know my views about the future of Social Security. The couple told me they had both worked for over thirty years and had faithfully filed taxes all that time. They worried that if the Republican nominee became president their Social Security benefits would be reduced. Their Republican friend had reminded them that Social Security was a government-funded program and needed to be flung out the window along with the Affordable Health Care Act. 

All those who have contributed to Social Security must receive their due, including cost of living adjustments. When it comes to money for election chests, low-income people are urged to contribute wholeheartedly. When time comes to pay back to them, politicians deliver talk, not action.