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Call the Shifty Huckster to Account

Bruce Joffe
Friday September 09, 2016 - 03:28:00 PM

The Wannabe Bully-in-Chief said "we should take Iraq's oil" during the Commander-In-Chief Forum. It's a terrible, dangerous, and immoral idea. It says our nation should be a thief. How would we look to the entire Muslim world? It's is a call for enmity and disaster. And the logistic difficulty and cost, in human life and treasure, of such a nasty endeavor reveals the Nasty Narcissist's profound ignorance. The Combover Candidate's statement was a much more serious disqualification than his stated admiration for Vladimir Putin. He is making us out to be a nation of thieves. Hillary, and the legitimate news media, must call the Shifty Huckster to account for his thoughtless bluster.