Public Comment

Gaston for District 6 Council

Barbara Gilbert
Friday October 21, 2016 - 01:04:00 PM

I am writing to urge you to help Isabelle Gaston in her run for the District 6 Council seat, whether or not you live in District 6. (90% of councilmember duties affect our entire city and voters therefore have a huge interest in all district representatives)
As many of you know, I have been a very active municipal observer for over eighteen years, and have built up a lode of knowledge about City policies, politics, and personalities. Isabelle is the only candidate who I can unequivocally endorse in our local election.
Isabelle has been in the forefront of the effort to address our City's dire fiscal situation and shredding physical infrastructure. Because of her writing, thinking, and organizing on these issues, her message has actually been taken up by some other local candidates (including her opponent Councilmember Wengraf), and claimed as their own. This is a victory of sorts...but the fact remains that it was Isabelle's thinking, writing, and leadership that made the difference. She is independent and a leader, not a follower.
While the issue of growth and development is very complex, unlike all other candidates Isabelle has raised the sticky but fundamental issue of Berkeley's carrying capacity, and she is a proponent of much slower and much more thoughtful growth.
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