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The Red Cross

Jagjit Singh
Friday October 21, 2016 - 01:31:00 PM

The devastating hurricane that brought havoc and destruction to Haiti has invoked fresh memories of the outright fraud perpetrated by the American Red Cross following the 2010 Earthquake. 

At the time ProPublica published a scathing investigative report on the Red Cross’s alleged “development” project. The report was entitled “how the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars and Built Six Homes”. 

Internal memos and emails from frustrated employees confirm that the Red Cross completely failed in its mission in Haiti. It squandered hundreds of millions of dollars of donations and made dubious claims for its success. Despite repeated requests, it has refused to disclose details of its disbursements of the funds collected. If it continues to refuse to open its books for scrutiny, it should have its non-profit status revoked. 

This is also a failure of the government agency responsible for oversight of the Red Cross. 

For details of the ProPublica report see red-cross-raised-half-a-billion-dollars-for-haitii-and-built-6-homes. For more, For more, go to