Public Comment

November 8th , Election year 2016

Romila Khanna
Saturday October 29, 2016 - 05:08:00 PM

We need to pay attention to our Presidential nominees.Republican nominee and Democratic nominee have different views on bringing peace, security and economic stability in the Country. I paid attention to Presidential candidates, their policies and their thoughts on ending terrorists activities etc.I also learned about their public and private life. Secretary Hillary Clinton has done a lot to help the communities to improve their lives. I also believe that who have translated their words into actions are more trust worthy to hold the highest official chair.I believe that there will not be any reason to feel that the most qualified candidate lacks any quality to be the President if elected on November the 8th 2016. 

I believe that we don’t need endless wars to end our fears of terrorists attacks. These costly wars endless sufferings and loss of precious lives.We have sacrificed so many brave men and women to secure peace and bring harmony but we have failed.The Democratic nominee also believes that there are other ways to create a peaceful environment here and in other countries. 

The two candidates also have different views on improving the lives of people. We must pay attention to their words. Which future president will help the poor and needy? Who will find a way to help those who are struggling to survive.The President must have human caring -a sense of responsibility for all. Let us vote to elect the candidate who will be the responsible, kind and caring for all American.Let the future President represent everyone