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Civility Division, Divisiveness Section, Comic Footnote

Thursday November 03, 2016 - 08:24:00 PM

Here's a funny one with the personal touch from the always amusing comments. Laurie Capitelli, candidate for mayor, wrote a pathetic, even heart-rending op-ed entitled:"Berkeley values: Divisiveness isn’t one of them".

One of the comments on it, responding to another commenter who listed opponent Jesse Arreguin's many, many endorsers, was this one:

East Bay Times endorsed Worthington, not Arreguin. They also endorsed Susan Wengraf, who is for some reason despises by [sic] the "Progressive" Alliance. Also the Berkeley Daily Planet is run by shameless tech millionaire NIMBYs who profit off the regional housing shortage. Hardly a reputable endorsement there.

Needless to say, Diego A-C. is a Capitelli endorser. 

Thanks to Rob Wrenn for setting him straight: 


Interesting comment in response to an op-ed about divisiveness. You'll have to explain exactly how the O'Malleys are "shameless tech millionaire NIMBYs who profit off the regional housing shortage". Profit how? Do you know them? Laurie hardly has to be negative, when you and others of his supporters will do it for him. 

Diego was appointed to the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission in an ironic twist of fate by my Elmwood neighbor, now District Eight Councilmember, Lori Droste. 

Humorous admonition above the Berkeleyside comments section: "Please keep our community civil. Comments should remain on topic and be respectful." 

Uh-huh. Us Nasty Women just can't get no respect, can we? 

But shortly after I posted an early version of this, late Thursday night, the DA-C comment was deleted from the Bside site, presumably by the editors. Thanks, guys. 

But I do believe in freedom of speech, so I really have no objection to letting this Capitelli supporter reveal himself as much as he chooses, even if he's attacking me and my family. The voters benefit.