Public Comment

Measure RR

Carole Lau
Friday November 04, 2016 - 11:22:00 AM

As a student who lives in a community that is walking distance to my high school, traffic has never been an issue for me when I go to and from school. However, my mom always has to plan her schedule around the traffic on both I-880 and I-680. For her and many others, traffic congestion is a major problem.  

That’s why I was happy to learn that Measure RR will prevent breakdowns and delays, increasing BART’s capacity, and thus, relieve Bay Area traffic. In fact, putting more cars on the road would mean an increase in air pollution. 

Not only will Measure RR combat traffic congestion, but the plan will also authorize BART to modernize its electrical infrastructure. With more and more people choosing BART as their preferred mode of transportation, it is no wonder that changes will be necessary to ensure the 44-year-old system’s efficiency. Worn down rails have to be replaced, tunnel walls with water damage need repairs, and the old control system requires an upgrade. 

This November, people will have the chance to make travel safer, more reliable, and more efficient for everyone. We need BART and BART needs us! Join all those who care, and vote YES on Measure RR!