Press Release: Misleading doorhangers in Berkeley

Jesse Arreguin
Sunday November 06, 2016 - 10:04:00 AM

This morning our campaign was out knocking on doors and found a doorhanger being distributed by Laurie Capitelli’s campaign which says “Vote Democratic,” and features pictures of Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Laurie Capitelli, as well as the Democratic Party's logo.

Capitelli’s doorhanger is incredibly misleading because he was not endorsed by the Democratic Party. I was. Only our campaign has the official endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party, as well as Bernie Sanders, Sierra Club, and many more progressive leaders.  


Laurie Capitelli should know better. Unfortunately, many Berkeley voters may be misled by this doorhanger, so we need to put everything we’ve got into the final 3 days to get the word out about why our campaign is the only one for Mayor supported by trusted progressive leaders and th only campaign that will fight to make Berkeley work for everyone.