Updated: Arreguin Elected Mayor; Bartlett, Hahn, CALI Slate Win
Massive landlord spending fails to stop U1

Rob Wrenn
Wednesday November 09, 2016 - 09:03:00 AM

While thousands of vote by mail ballots remain to be counted, it is clear that Jesse Arreguin has been elected mayor of Berkeley by large margin. His convincing 47% to 34% margin over District 5 council member Laurie Capitelli is too large to be affected by counting of additional ballots.

Similarly, Sophie Hahn has a commanding lead over Capitelli-endorsed Stephen Murphy for the District 5 Council seat and Ben Bartlett has a very solid lead in District 3 over Mark Coplan and Deborah Mathews who are running neck and neck for second place.  

DIstrict 2: It ain't over - still a tight race
In District 2, the initial ranked choice count gives Cheryl Davila a narrow 42 vote lead over incumbent council member Darryl Moore. It's 1838 to 1796 as of 1:40 a.m. election night, or 50.6% to 49.4%. Darryl had 40% of the first choice votes. Nanci Armstrong-Temple is finishing third so far with 1116 votes, only 82 votes behind Cheryl Davila. When Nanci's votes were apportioned, 640 went to Davila and 245 to Moore (231 did not make a second choice). As counting continues, Moore could regain the lead; it's also possible that Armstrong-Temple could overtake Davila for second place, in which case Davila's second choice votes would be apportioned.
CALI slate sweeps Rent Board
The gap between Igor Tregub, now in fourth place and Judy Hunt, the landlord-backed incumbent, who was the only elected official in Berkeley to opposed affordable housing measure U1, is over 2500, large enough to ensure victory for Tregub even with thousands of vote by mail and provisional ballots to be counted.
Measure U1, aka the Landlord Tax, has won easily despite the BPOA's $800,000+ campaign against it. It currently has 74.1% of the vote.
This is the biggest progressive electoral victory in many years. There will have to be a special election for Jesse Arreguin's District 4 Council seat. If a progressive wins, Jesse will have four allies on the Council and may have a fifth depending on the outcome in District 2. It's too bad that it comes with a disastrous presidential election result.
See below for more measures and more details in Berkeley races. All counts are as of 1:40 a.m. November 9. The County will continue updating over the next week or so until all ballots are counted. Check here for more: http://www.acgov.org/rov/current_election/230/index.htm
Mayor Winner with ballots counted so far: JESSE ARREGUIN
First Choice votes
Jesse Arreguin 15,885 (47.44%) 51.84% with ranked choice
Laurie Capitelli 11,262 (33.64%)
Kriss Worthington 2,816 (8.41%)
Bernt Wahl 952 (2.84%)
Ben Gould 937 (2.80%)
Zachary Runningwolf 881 (2.63%)
Mike Lee 508 (1.52%)
Naomi Pete 225 (0.67%)
Ranked choice result: Jesse at 51.84% when Gould second choice votes (after second choice votes of others were counted; Kriss second choice votes were not needed. These results will update as remaining ballots are counted, but there is no likelihood that Jesse won't win. http://www.acgov.org/rov/rcv/results/230/rcvresults_6767.htm
District 2 City Council Winner with ballots counted so far: CHERYL DAVILA 50.58% with ranked choice
Darryl Moore 1,545 (40.0%)
Cheryl Davila 1,194 (30.9%)
Nanci Armstrong Temple 1,115 (28.9.%)
Ranked choice result: Cheryl Davila with 50.58% when Nanci's second choice ballots were counted; this is close; could change when additional ballots are counted. http://www.acgov.org/rov/rcv/results/230/rcvresults_6868.htm
District 3 City Council
Ben Bartlett 2260 56.9%
Deborah Matthews 813 20.5%
Mark Coplan 812 20.5%
Al Murray 81 2.0%
District 5 City Council
Sophie Hahn 3451 61.9%
Stephen Murphy 2122 38.1%
District 6 City Council
Susan Wengraf 2683 60.7%
Fred Dodsworth 1186 26.8%
Isabelle Gaston 553 12.5%
Will update the following tomorrow (that is later today November 8) with numbers. YES victorious with all of the following:
E-1, BSEP, parcel tax for schools, YES 30,204, 88.3%
U1, tax on big landlords for affordable housing YES 24,394, 74.1% (not so different from 76.2% for the soda tax in 2014)
DD, phony landlord sponsored alternative to U1, NO 22,810, 70.8% (that's the NOs)
X1, Public Financing of Elections for Mayor and Council YES 19,356, 64.2%
T1, Bond measure for infrastructure, parks, senior centers YES 28,865, 86,5%
AA, regulating owner move in evictions, YES 22,309, 72.3%
BB, minimum wage $15 in 2019, NO 20,789, 66.0%
CC, minimum wage $15 in 2017, NO 20,573, 65.9%
Y1, 16-17 year olds vote for School Board YES, 21,518, 68.5%
A1, County Bond for affordable housing, YES 264,499, countywide, 72.3%
CI, AC Transit parcel tax, YES, 190,019 in the district, 81.9%
RR, BART bond, YES, 253,175, 70.9%
Rent Board Winners: all members of CALI slate; no chance that further results will change this.
Leah Simon Weisberg 17,275
Alejandro Soto-Vigil 17,201
Christina Murphy 16.853
Igor Tegub 14,691
Judy Hunt 12,111
Nate Wollman 8,158
9th State Senate District
Nancy Skinner is way ahead of Sandre Swanson in the Alameda County portion of the district, 60.6% to 39.4%; it's 63-37 in the district as a whole.
Berkeley School Board: the two incumbents, Judy Appel(22,967) and Beatriz Leyva-Cutler (17,336) were easily re-elected over challenger Abdur Sikder (4552)