ECLECTIC RANT: Post-Election Blues

Ralph E. Stone
Friday November 11, 2016 - 05:21:00 PM

The voters have chosen Donald Trump, a failed businessman with no government or military experience as our next president. We cannot rely on polls anymore. While most polls showed the popular vote to be closing, they had Clinton getting the 270 electoral college votes. 

While both Trump and Bernie Sanders appealed to disaffected voters -- although A different group of eligible voters -- but Hillary Clinton became the nominee. At least Sanders wanted a progressive, forward looking America while Trump promises to "make America great again," which really means sending the country backward to a time when discrimination and hate were not only accepted but celebrated.  

Trump won as a nominal Republican without the support of the Republican elites. As a result, he has left the Republican Party in shambles. The Democratic Party has its problems too; it has until the mid-term elections to find some way of bringing the disaffected democrats back into the fold. Perhaps, two or four years of a Trump presidency will show those who voted for Trump that he was not the answer after all.  

I am angry with those who voted for Trump. That means to me that Trump's contempt of women, his racism, and anti-immigration views are okay with these voters or worse they share these views. And I suspect many were unwilling to vote for a woman for president. 

In sum, I am embarrassed that a president Trump will be representing us at home and abroad. But the voters have spoken.