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Moore, Davila slip slightly while Armstrong-Temple gains a bit in District 2 council race

Rob Wrenn
Friday November 11, 2016 - 06:45:00 PM

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has counted more vote by mail ballots. As of the update posted Friday at 4:38 p.m., District 2 incumbent Darryl Moore’s share of first choice votes had slipped slightly from 40.1% to 39.8%. Nanci Armstrong-Temple, in third place, gained slightly going from 28.9% to 29.5% and Cheryl Davila, in second place, slipped a bit from 31.0% to 30.6%. Cheryl leads Nanci for second place by only 49 votes.

In the ranked choice vote tabulation, Cheryl Davila leads Darryl Moore by 67 votes, 2200 to 2133, up from 42 votes in the election night tabulation. It’s not known how many ballots were cast in District 2, but, at a guess, based on turnout in previous elections, perhaps a third or a bit more of the outstanding ballots were counted today. Tabulation is here:

Incumbent District 2 council member Darryl Moore is well short of 50% of first choice votes, so an allocation of second choice votes of the candidate in third place has to be done. That’s currently Nanci Armstong-Temple.

That could change as more votes are counted. This remains a tight race that is too close to call. Berkeleyside reports that the Registrar of Voters is planning more updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week.

Mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguin, District 3 Council Candidate Ben Bartlett, and District 5 Council candidate Sophie Hahn still have commanding leads over their opponents. Both Arreguin and Capitelli gained slightly in today’s count at the expense of the other six mayoral candidates. 

Jesse now has 47.7% of first choice votes while Laurie has 33.7% In the ranked choice vote, Jesse passes the 50% threshold when Runningwolf’s second choice votes are counted, without any need to count second choice votes of Ben Gould or Kriss Worthington, who are now in fourth and third place in the count. In the initial ranked choice count, Ben Gould’s second choice votes put Jesse over the top. Tabulation is here: 

In District 3, Mark Coplan is now 12 votes behind Deborah Matthews for second place. Details follow. 

CALI slate sweeps Rent Board 

The gap between Igor Tregub, now in fourth place, and Judy Hunt continues to grow and now stands at 3049 votes. It is extremely unlikely that Hunt will ovetake Tregub as the remaining votes are counted. Tregub appears to have regained the seat he lost to Hunt four years ago. Hunt, the landlord-backed incumbent was first elected in 2012 with 95% of the funds spent to support her coming from landlords. She was the only elected official in Berkeley who opposed affordable housing measure U1, 

Huge Progressive Victory 

This is the biggest progressive electoral victory in many years. The combined vote for Jesse Arreguin and Kriss Worthington, both members of the Council’s progressive minority, is 22 points higher than the vote for District 5 council member Laurie Capitelli who was supported by all members of the Council majority. There will be a special election for Jesse Arreguín’s District 4 Council seat after Jesse is sworn in as mayor. If a progressive wins, Jesse will have four allies on the Council and may have a fifth depending on the outcome in District 2. 

Measure U1, aka the Landlord Tax, has won easily despite the fact that organizations sponsored by the Berkeley Property Owners Association had spent, as of October 22, $877,384 to defeat it and to support their alternative measure, DD. U1 currently has 74.3% of the vote. 

See below for more details on the Candidate results and local measures. All counts are as of p.m. . November 11. Vote counting will hopefully be finished by the middle of next week. Check here for more: 


Candidate Results Details 

Mayor Winner with ballots counted so far: JESSE ARREGUIN 

First Choice votes 

Jesse Arreguín 18,554 votes (47.7%)  

Laurie Capitelli 13,129 votes (33.7%) 

Kriss Worthington 3,209 votes (8.25%) 

Ben Gould 1112 votes(2.86%) 

Bernt Wahl 1081 votes (2.78%) 

Zachary Runningwolf 993 votes (2.55%) 

Mike Lee 573 votes (1.47%) 

Naomi Pete 249 votes (0.64%) 

Ranked choice vote result: Jesse at 50.1% after second choice votes of others were counted; Kriss and Ben Gould second choice votes were not needed. However, this was not updated with today’s count. Jesse led Laurie 41.5% to 38.9% in the early vote by mail count announced shortly after the polls closed. Jesse captured 52.9% of the votes cast at the polls, compared to 28.7% for Laurie. 


District 2 City Council Ahead so far: CHERYL DAVILA who had 50.8% with ranked choice votes. 

Darryl Moore 1,828 (39.8%) 

Cheryl Davila 1,407 (30.6%) 

Nanci Armstrong Temple 1,358 (29.5.%) 


District 3 City Council 

Ben Bartlett 2606 57.5% 

Deborah Matthews 922 20.4% 

Mark Coplan 910 20.1% 

Al Murray 89 2.0% 


District 5 City Council 

Sophie Hahn 3998 61.9% 

Stephen Murphy 2457 38.1% 


District 6 City Council 

Susan Wengraf 3079 60.8% 

Fred Dodsworth 1353 26.7% 

Isabelle Gaston 632 12.5% 


Rent Board Winners: all members of CALI slate; no realistic chance that further results will change this. 

Leah Simon Weisberg 20,138 

Alejandro Soto-Vigil 20,032 

Christina Murphy 19,620 

Igor Tegub 17,213 

Judy Hunt 14,164 

Nate Wollman 9,495 


9th State Senate District: Nancy Skinner widened her lead and is way ahead of Sandre Swanson in the Alameda County portion of the district, 61,1% to 38.9%; she’s also way ahead in the district as a whole. 

Berkeley School Board: the two incumbents, Judy Appel (26,706 votes) and Beatriz Leyva-Cutler (20,328) were easily re-elected over challenger Abdur Sikder (5264 votes), in the latest count. 


Local Measures Results 

E-1, BSEP, parcel tax for schools, YES 35,069 votes, 88.4% 

U1, tax on big landlords for affordable housing YES 28,389 votes, 74.3% (not so different from 76.2% for the soda tax in 2014) 

DD, phony landlord sponsored alternative to U1, NO 26,530 votes, 70.9% (that’s the NOs) 

T1, Bond measure for infrastructure, parks, senior centers YES 33,575 86.7% 

X1, Public Financing of Elections for Mayor and Council YES 22,474 votes, 64.4% 

Y1, 16-17 year olds vote for School Board YES, 25,066, 68.8% 

AA, regulating owner move in evictions, YES 25,879 votes, 72.4% 

BB, minimum wage $15 in 2019, NO 24,213 votes, 66.3% 

CC, minimum wage $15 in 2017, NO 23,965 votes, 66.2% 

A1, County Bond for affordable housing, YES 297,703, countywide votes, 72.8% 

CI, AC Transit parcel tax, YES, 219,742 votes in the district, 82.3% 

RR, BART bond, YES, 284,647 votes, 71.3% 

–by Rob Wrenn