A mistake at Civic Center (Public Comment)

Harry Brill
Monday April 17, 2017 - 10:34:00 AM

In my view, it was a mistake on the part of some in the anti-Trump faction to take a hostile stance at Civic Center. They are not the enemy even if they acted like they were. There are many Trump followers who really need to be educated on what Trump is all about. In short, although they are mistaken that doesn't make them evil. For example, I came across Trump folks who believed what he said about saving jobs for American workers. So it is not surprising that many found Trump politically attractive. 

My own inclination is that we should approach pro-Trump folks in a friendly manner. Those who did were on the right political track. It would have also been a good idea producing a point by point leaflet explaining why we are unhappy with Trump. Please keep in mind that if our approach is antagonistic to those who we disagree with, we will have a serious problem building a successful, progressive movement. Let's keep the door open.