Violence at Trump rallies in Berkeley: Trump forces successfully game the anti-Trump groups

Robert Cheasty
Tuesday April 18, 2017 - 10:53:00 PM

Guiding Lights for How to Defeat Pro-Trump demonstrators:

What should thinking people do when pro Trump people arrive to demonstrate? Take a page from Mahatma Ghandi whose tactics of non-violence succeeded in getting the most powerful colonial army in the world to leave India. Or from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose non-violent response to race baiting and vicious attacks brought us major civil rights legislation, opened up schools, parks, restaurants, hotels and voting to people of all colors - against what appeared to be insurmountable odds.

Inexperienced demonstrators need to be taught and regulated by the leadership:

It may feel gratifying for inexperienced demonstrators to indulge their anger when Trump supporters shout racist things or berate common scientific facts. However, physical confrontation is what the Trump supporters are here for. Why do they pick Berkeley? Because it is a beacon of free thought and they hope to tarnish that beacon and make big headlines at the same time by getting a few undisciplined people to react, lose their focus on the real issues, and attack the Trump supporters. 

The anti-Trump demonstrators who cannot control themselves are being played, and the leaders of the anti-Trump demonstrators need to study the tactics of Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Those two moved mountains. Raise your sights.