Last Saturday's Successful Climate Rally

Harry Brill
Thursday May 04, 2017 - 01:22:00 PM
Harry Brill

In many cities around the country tens of thousands of activists gathered to protest the destruction of our planet. To emphasize how serious the situation is, one sign in the Washington D.C. rally reminded the public; "There is No planet B". Lake Merritt in Oakland was the among the sites of a well attended rally, about 3,000 Bay Area residents who are committed to environmental justice 

The slogans and signs voiced concerns that our federal government and big business are taking us for a dangerous and irreversible ride. Referring to President Trump, one slogan rhymed " Resistance is here to stay. Welcome to your 100th day". There was certainly no shortage of imaginative activists. One sign read "Fossil fuels will make us fossil fools". According to the complaint of another activist "The oceans are rising and so are we". 

There was wonderful, live peoples' music throughout the day. Among the performers was the Occupella musicians group, which originally organized to support the Occupy Movement. Also, we heard speeches by Rep. Barbara Lee and Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf. To assure that everyone could hear both the music and speakers' voices, the volume of the sound had to be increased. Guess how. The volume is not triggered by any electronic gadget. Instead, stationary Bike-Powered amplification was achieved by peddling! 

After the speeches there was a march around the beautiful lake. It is a joy spending a day with so many people of all races. ethnicities and ages who care about making a difference. But what comes next? The leadership has certainly pointed the way: "It can't Be just a march. It has to be a movement".