Public Comment

Trump and North Korea

Jack Bragen
Friday May 05, 2017 - 01:05:00 PM

I believe that all Americans ought to back Trump's efforts on the issue of dealing with North Korea. And then, as soon as that situation is stabilized, we ought to impeach Trump.  

Like it or not, Donald Trump is currently the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Military. Furthermore, I believe his handling of the situation is competent. North Korea poses a dire threat to life on Earth. If the head of North Korea starts launching nuclear missiles at the U.S., at South Korea, or at Japan, it could lead to full scale atomic warfare between larger nuclear powers. That will cause the end of life on Earth, with the possible exception of bacterial life and some insects.  

Once we have somehow neutralized North Korea, and I do not know how this is to be done, we ought to impeach the President, because his election wasn't clean, it wasn't fair, and laws may have been broken.  

Certainly, the dishonesty of Trump and the crookedness of his election are not comparable to Bill Clinton lying about an affair. The Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for pure political reasons. If you can impeach President Clinton for his affair, you can certainly impeach Trump for actual wrongdoing.  

This is why the midterm elections are crucial. We need to regain a majority of Democrats in Congress, so that Trump can be impeached, and so that we can end the national nightmare that his administration has brought about.