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Telling the truth about Senator Skinner

Sheila Goldmacher
Friday June 16, 2017 - 10:55:00 AM

I appreciated Zelda Bronstein's alert on Skinner's bills. Shortly after last week's Daily Planet printed her first letter, Sen. Skinner sent out a list of the bills she "authored". I called her on stating that she "authored" the Sb562 single payer bill. She never did, she merely signed on to it after two of her colleagues in the Senate Lara and Atkins introduced it. In fact she was nowhere to be seen at the rally on the Capitol steps when they first introduced the bill in front of hundreds of us who had come to Sacramento to applaud their efforts. Assemblymembers Thurmond and Bonta from the Assembly were present and immediately came forward to say they were in support of SB 562. I called her office when I got home asking why Sen. Skinner had not appeared to support the bill. Aide said she was somewhere else. She sure was. 

In fact her comments which were aired on KPFA the next day after the Senate passed the bill earlier this week, were lukewarm, she claimed her first job was to "protect" the ACA as if apologizing for voting yes on SB 562. 

Ms. Skinner is nothing but another neoliberal politician, the friend and admirer of those we have just cleared off the Berkeley City Council, in my humble opinion.