Public Comment

Do we trust the government today?

Romila Khanna
Friday July 07, 2017 - 10:57:00 AM

President Donald Trump believes in honey-coated words. His ego will not let him think about the country or public welfare. Empty words? I don't know after how many months of suffering the Supreme Power will evaluate his dangerous way of thinking which is harming the country. By harming the majority of sick, young and old, how can he have restful sleep? By favoring the billionaires, millionaires and his own businesses, and big companies, he is hurting the general public. I know he is very rich but he has forgotten the truth that, ordinary people helped him to become a successful businessman. He forgot that United States is a country, not a business, where he is the sole owner and he can hire or fire, and ask them to follow his orders. To run a country as President, one needs to hear the voices of all, not just his own. He is like a king and cannot think about others. 

By cutting friendly relationships with all those countries where his business is not growing and repealing everything from President Obama's executive orders he is trying his best to hush up the crying public who need help. 

Republicans owe money and benefits to all. I am surprised to see that House Speaker Paul Ryan has changed the number of required votes to pass a bill. He favors party-politics and is trying to save his position as the Speaker. He is going against his inner self to do the right thing, to say the right thing to his team. Had President Obama acted in this crazy fashion, the Congress and the Republicans in both the branches would react strongly. Now all work under the Tyrant President and know the consequences of annoying him. Like shooting a golf ball, any person who disagrees with him will be removed. Even during Republican Presidents in the past, such harsh bills were not passed and so much chaos did not exist. 

Is there a way that we can use public voices to curb his speedy progress for millionaires and industrialists. Can we let Republican voters, Congress and the President think about the Creator and his Creation in the right way? Nobody has to be color-blind. We all depend on each other. We can never become fearless by bombing other countries. By selling weapons to other countries, we are promoting animosity and fear. We have gone into war zones to ensure safety from terrorist attacks, but It has not helped us. We have lost so many lives but we have not got peace. Instead we have grown multiple terrorists in America.  

It is high time that we change our ways of hurting international communities and win the hearts of the people of those countries, who hate us due to our ways of creating a war zones on this planet. Mother Earth must be crying for our thoughtless moves. 

Under such drastic condition how long we can survive?