Public Comment

We have lost our rights

Romila Khanna
Friday July 21, 2017 - 02:38:00 PM

The majority of the American people have lost faith in the current Congress. Most Republican members try to paint a rosy picture of how America has improved in every area. It is very frustrating to hear each day the same repeated words “Repeal and Replace Obama Care”. The suggested changes will make our poor and needy citizens suffer in every way. Their main goal seems to bring back the slavery era, where all manner of discrimination was present, with wide disparity in income, healthcare, and employment. I saw how President Obama’s desire to overrule the Congress and attempt to use executive privilege, to improve the public situation, was ignored. The Republicans and their members in the Congress always created a hostile attitude towards the African-American President. His views, his decisions, his way of thinking, was always considered wrong. They forgot that President Obama inherited the worst economy, due to prior War and hatred created by the previous President. He tried to create a friendly relationship with the International community. His rightful thinking was correct that war and hate does not bring peace within our hearts and on our planet. 

I am concerned about the moves our government is making now, to completely destroy the pillars of democracy. Most of people of color, of a minority group, young and old are affected by the Republican actions and decisions that are hurting our country. They overstate the high achievement and progress made in this short period of a few months. It is a lie. While taking away from the needy and poor to balance the budget may be a possibility, but has America has created new jobs? How has wasting our tax dollars with hasty and fruitless legislation and policies made ordinary people’s life better? How does lowering the taxes for billionaires and millionaires and businesses help the homeless, young and old children and students to get the quality education to further their efforts to improve their living standards? 

I see that poor and needy people don’t have the power to demand human rights to live with dignity. Instead, those who have the resources of education, money and power, look down upon them. 

On my walks along the streets, I see young and old, men and women deprived of the human right to live in their private space. Some of them don’t have a place to shower and wash their bodies for days and months. Some of them search for left over drops of water or juice to sip to quench their thirst. They try to take shelter under a tree during rain or hot summery days. Does our county, city or state government, get federal money to help provide for their basic needs? How America is becoming great? By giving the best opportunities to the rich and let others suffer? 

I wish all the best comforts and luxuries were taken away from the members of Congress, Senate and the Executive branch so that they would experience the pain and suffering of the people. 

We need bright days for all. Let us all join hands to help the American governing bodies become more empathetic and change their way of dealing with others in a more decent way. We don’t want America to adopt a monarchy style …… all the people need to know the reality of America becoming great again.