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Ready for the Worst? Korean Talks Needed

Romila Khanna
Thursday September 07, 2017 - 02:31:00 PM

Are we ready for the worst? I am concerned with the idea of a Third World War starting with a counter-attack by America. If we do take such drastic action to stop the Korean President from using nuclear bombs, we will not be able to save our own people from being killed. I still feel that diplomatic and friendly mutual talk can stop the aggression of other powers.  

We have to establish good relationships with other neighboring countries. Our policies should help us, as well as our neighbors, in every of aspect of growth and development. They should not feel fearful because of our preparation for counter-attack. We are trying to control other nations by advertising that America has the most powerful nuclear weapons resources to intervene in other countries affairs. 

We have lost so many brave men and women by attacking other countries in an attempt to create a better world for them. But in the bargain we have made those countries less secure, less fertile, less peaceful. 

War can never bring peace. It will never make us safe from future attacks. The more we advance our tools to destroy others, those others will think of the ways to destroy us.  

Science has given us the knowledge to have chemical weapons. Any weapons exchange will result in untimely deaths not only of thousands of defense forces but also the innocent civilians who will likely meet an untimely death. 

We must use other tactics to build friendly relationships with our neighbors.  

We think that war will bring peace. We are really not ready to face a third world war. Let us revise our policies. We are already in an economic crisis. Just pay attention to the outcome of advance weapons. 

Let us follow the golden rule of living with peace. 

Our policies should be based on respecting other nations and helping them in creating peace and happiness in their own way without pressing them to follow our dictated rules.