Press Release: Advisory: Eleven arrests made during today's demonstration.

City of Berkeley Police Department
Sunday September 24, 2017 - 07:52:00 PM

The Berkeley Police Department and law enforcement partners arrested 11 people as part of efforts to manage demonstrations at and near the UC Berkeley Campus.

There were no reported injuries due to violence and no reports of any property damage.

Previous violence at demonstrations prompted the City to enact regulations prohibiting various weapons on certain City streets and sidewalks as well as three City parks. Violations of those regulations were charged under Berkeley Municipal Code BMC 13.45.020.
Those arrested and their charges are below: 

Sherman, Keith, 30, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020, PC 185
McCoy, Kyle, 28, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020, PC 148, PC 185
Coxburnett, Drean, 23, Berkeley, BMC 13.45.040
Cho, Jonathan, 27, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020
Starling, Imalda, 32, Berkeley, BMC 6.32.30
Johnson, David, 24, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020
Stark-Buhl, Rane, 27, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020, PC 148, PC 405(a)
Orr, William, 29, Oakland, BMC 13.45.040
James, Kelsey, 24, Reno, BMC 13.45.020
Reddy, Gautam, 22, San Ramon, BMC, 6.32.030, PC 21310
Feil, Syth, 30, Redwood Valley, BMC 13.45.020

The Berkeley Police Department’s will continue to investigate potential crimes that occurred during today’s demonstration. We are asking members of the public to send us photos or videos of Sunday’s events, using any web-enabled device by visiting http://bit.ly/berkvideo.

The Berkeley Police Department is grateful of the support provided to our community by law enforcement agencies throughout the state, including, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, UC Berkeley Police, California Highway Patrol, Oakland Police, Solano County Agencies, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, California State University Police Agencies, Taft Police, Corcoran Police, Citrus Heights Police, Emeryville Police, San Leandro Police, Kings County Sheriff’s Office and Stanford University Police.


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