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Texas Shooting

Jagjit Singh
Friday November 10, 2017 - 02:34:00 PM

Another mass shooting, prayers, flowers, sober speeches, lowering the flag . . . heaven forbid this is not the time to discuss gun control. After the Las Vegas shooting the consoler in chief, said “we are not going to talk about that today.” 

Curious of the shooters state of mind, Stanford Lab’s plans to examine the brain of the shooter to determine what could have motivated him to commit such a heinous crime. What an incredible waste of time! The shooter was convicted by the Air Force on charges of beating his wife and step-son (50% of mass shooters are guilty of domestic violence) , but they failed to enter the offense into the national database and voila Kelly was able to purchase a military style weapon.  

Perhaps, Stanford researchers could better invest their time examining the brains of lawmakers who enable such tragedies to occur on a daily basis. When will these legislators put the welfare of the public ahead of their careers? What will it take to move these people cursed with a stone heart to challenge the insidious power of the NRA? Are the rights of “sporting enthusiasts” who get their jollies chasing and killing God’s creatures (birds and animals) more important than the lives of innocent men, women and children? If Australia could initiate sensible gun control following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre that resulted in a dramatic decline in gun crimes why can’t we do the same or better?