Kale, Kale, Why So Much Kale, ( to the tune of Glorious Ale)

Carol Denney
Sunday November 26, 2017 - 03:50:00 PM


I went to a potluck in Berkeley one day

the tables all flowing with sumptuous display

but when I looked closer I gasped and grew pale

the casserole dishes were all filled with kale

Chorus: kale, kale, why so much kale

some farmers market must have had a sale

I'll eat radiccio, I'll try a snail

but let's have some boundaries

its constance confounds me

before every foundry makes statues of kale 


our foodies work hard to make sure we're well fed 

with locally sourced foods of which we're well read 

although brilliant qualities it has I fail 

to see the advantage of quite so much kale (chorus) 


I know vegetarians swear by this stuff 

but I'm here to tell you enough is enough 

I'd rather eat gravel topped off with oil shale 

than face one more potluck with nothing but kale (chorus) 


one used to encounter this vegetable scourge 

leavened such that one would not wish to purge 

but now it's a green which is used by the bale 

the wreaths come this solstice I fear will boast kale (chorus) 



Ale, Ale, Glorious Ale -learned from Alistair Brown, from Ian Robb 

When I was a young man, my father did say, “The summer is coming, it’s time to make hay 

And haying being over, don’t you never fear, To fill up your glass with a pint of good beer”. 


Chorus: Ale, ale, glorious ale, Served up in pewter it tells its own tale 

Some folks likes radishes, some curly kale, But give I boiled parsnips and girl(great) dish of taters 

And a lump of fatty bacon, and a pint of good ale 


Our MP’s in parliament, our safety to keep, We hope now we’ve put him there, he won’t sit and sleep; 

But they’ll all get my vote if they never fail, To bring down the price of a pint of good ale 


Now take all teetotalers, they drinks water neat, Well it must rot their gutses and give them damp feet; 

But if you’ll all take my advice then you’ll never fail, With broad beans and bacon, and a pint of good ale.