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60 Minutes Misses US Role in Yemen Crisis

Tejinder Uberoi
Sunday November 26, 2017 - 05:03:00 PM

60 Minutes is to be congratulated for focusing much needed attention on the plight of civilians in war torn Yemen. But was glaringly omitted in its segment was the role of the US/UK in creating the humanitarian crisis. 

It falsely portrayed the US as heroes for funding the UN food aid program. It went on to accuse the Saudis of bringing 7 million people to the brink of starvation by imposing a crippling blockade to prevent ships delivering food to the beleaguered people but conveniently forgot to mention that the US navy colluded with the Saudis imposing the blockade. Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes went on to say “This will be hard to watch, but 27 million people in Yemen pray you will not turn away”. 

I pray every American will be outraged by our government’s complicit role in Saudi Arabia’s war crimes. In order to enrich U.S. defense contractor’s the U.S. has sold billions of weapons to the morally bankrupt Kingdom. In addition, the U.S. continues to supply logistical support and refuels Saudi planes to ensure a non-stop bombardment of Yemen. In addition Yemen is suffering a huge cholera epidemic. To compound US egregious actions, Mr. Trump has given his enthusiastic endorsement of Mohammed Bin Salman’s attempt to ascend to the throne by accusing his rivals of corruption, a charge which is ludicrous given his own profligate spending, including the purchase of a yacht costing £452 million.