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Frank Gebauer Vacaville, CA (with fond memories of Rockridge)
Saturday February 24, 2018 - 01:48:00 PM

I have sympathy for the old hippies in Berkeley, such as yourselves (Zelda Bronstein: Wiener's SB 827 Claims Debunked by SF Planning Department Report, Monday February 12, 2018) and your kindred spirits in Marin (Bob Silvestri, Snowflakes In My Back Yard: San Francisco Planning Department's Take on SB 827). It must be painful to realize that you have grown old and absurdly wealthy as landowners while homeless people set up tents along the railroad tracks and the kids these days can't afford the rent. Hard to live up to Peace and Love. Much easier to rant among yourselves than to admit that: 1) The times, they are a changin', and 2) You'll be drenched to the bone, because the sea level is on track to rise up to 6.6 feet ( by 2100. Just a couple hundred more feet in the coming centuries ( You can save the gourmet ghetto and [ your favorite part of town here ] as the old suburb you once were young in...but not for long. While there's still time, make room for other folks who want to experience everything that Berkeley has to offer. There's enough room for you, and for them. 

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