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New: Arming Teachers

Tejinder Uberoi
Tuesday February 27, 2018 - 03:36:00 PM

As further proof of the NRA’s undue influence, President Trump parroted his benefactor, by offering a bizarre and outlandish proposal to mass shootings by deputizing teachers to be armed guards. Imagine the scene where a shooter enters a classroom armed with a military style AR 15 and Rambo style, commences shooting. It’s extremely doubtful if the teacher would have the presence of mind to fire back and kill the assassin all within a few seconds. It is also likely the teacher may very well kill his own students in a hasty act of friendly fire. How many teachers would be willing to take such a risk? Envisioning teachers as armed militia with military discipline ready to do effective battle, is a cruel fantasy masquerading as a remedy. 

If the president is so enamored with this approach, he should take time off golfing, and watching “Fox & Friends” and take up Marksmanship 101c – and dismiss the Secret Service. 

No, Mr. Trump, I urge you to sever your unholy alliance with the NRA and state unequivocally “to stop a bad guy with a gun it takes good guys “to ban AR15’s and dump the anachronistic second Amendment in the dustbin of history. We don’t require militias to protect us – we have law enforcement agencies. 

Mr. Trump in response to your recent bravado statement that you would have rushed the assassin unarmed, I have only this to say, why did shirk your duty and avoid the draft during the Vietnam War?