New: The Solution is to License Access to Guns

Bruce Joffe
Tuesday March 13, 2018 - 12:43:00 PM

Assault weapons and large bullet magazines were illegal in this country for ten years (1994-2004). During that time murders with those weapons declined. 

Studies show that trained police officers do the wrong thing in an emotional gun situation 55% of the time. Yet, extreme idiotlogs think the solution to school shootings is to give everyone a concealed gun! What percentage of lightly-trained teachers might accidentally shoot a student? Probably more than 55%, since armed protection is not their primary job. What if a student overpowers the teacher and takes her/his gun? Suppose the teacher has locked the gun for safekeeping, then how would he/she get hold of it in time to prevent an armed intruder from killing? Gun fanatics ignore these questions. 

The solution is to limit access to guns, to require frequent background checks and test-based licensing, and to require a valid gun license to purchase bullets. 

Our safety and the safety of our school children will not change overnight. It will improve gradually over a decade or more. Criminals will probably continue to have guns for quite a while also. But the shooters who killed school children throughout our country were not criminals, they were unhappy loners who snapped and had way-too-easy access to high efficiency murder machines.