The Neo-Con Hordes Return to Berkeley on the First Anniversary of Uproar

Tree Fitzpatrick
Monday April 16, 2018 - 10:40:00 PM

While waiting for the Amazon staff to give me a package, I rolled my scooter over to an outlet. I was facing onto Lower Sproul. Right across the plaza from the Amazon store was Amber Cummings (I think that is her name). She was wearing the same cheap wig she uses to hide her identity, the same sunglasses. She was seated on a bench with a man. It looked to me like she was waiting for her people. And I had nothing better to do so I waited to see what happened.

One by one, other neo-cons (nazis in my view, racists one and all, in my view) walked up. They all stood up for each arrival, shook hands and then gave one another big bear hugs. All very manly. Then a few women arrived.  

One gal, who looked older than me (I am 64), like maybe 70, with cheap drug store bleached blonde hair, was wearing a motorcycle jacket. She thrust her chin out as if she was a guard on duty to protect the arriving creeps. Then a tiny woman, forty-ish and also cheaply dyed bottle blonde hair showed up in an American flag jacket. Both these chicks looked like biker babes looking to rumble. I am expressing free speech here, I note.  

And then, although I am not 100% certain, I believe Kyle Chapman arrived. Someone that everyone else in the biker-like gang of toughs seemed to look up to, arrived, Handshakes and hugs all around and then the guy in the trimmed beard gave a little talk, a pep talk. By this time, I had rolled out of the union and over to the bulletin board a few feet from the neo-cons who were leaders in the Battles in Berkeley last year. Almost as soon as I arrived, too late, the nasty pranksters (again, free speech for me) moved en masse down to the Sather Gate. Some of the women took off jackets to reveal their red white and blue outfits, some only in red. Men and women unfurled flags, American and Neo-con/Alt-right (who cares what they call themselves?). 

I followed them down to Sather Gate, watched them pose for some photos. I rolled back towards Bancroft and I overheard two different men on cell phones who seemed connected to the nutjobs, asking "where are you? why didn't you wait for me?" Then I watched as these two men, individually, glanced around until they spotted the gang, now lead by the Kyle-maybe guy and Amber. 

The gang of alt right fascists walked slowly and quietly back down to Bancroft, then walked south on the west side of Telegraph down to Durant. They were walking in a long line of pairs and triples but treading lightly, not saying much. I know because I rolled down the east side of Telegraph to see where they were headed. 

When they got to Durant several pointed to the entrance into the building where Revolution Books is located. I heard Amber say, as she pointed west on the south side of Telegraph "Revolution Books is that way." 

For no reason, I was afraid to openly tail these humans I believe are thugs so I zipped down to Channing, believing I could get to Revolution Books from that entrance. Alas, I could not. So I zipped around the block and went into Revolution Books for the first time. The two people working at Revolution Books were out in the hall of their small shopping mall, puzzling over the neo-nazi gang that had just, silently, with heads averted as if they didn't want to be noticed, passed Revolution Books. 

The conservative gang went to the elevators and were not seen again. 

Why were they (or still are) in Berkeley today? Today is the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Berkeley. The College Republicans are hosting a conservative speaker on Tuesday. Maybe Amber's gang were strategists for whatever they (I use the trendy, gender neutral pronoun deliberately, I reference Amber) has planned for Tuesday. 

Or were they here hoping to see others protesting so they could start fights and blame liberals for the fights? If they were looking for action, they found none. As I zipped around, I pointed out the 'stars' of the alt-right who were stalking our fair city and university this afternoon, I pointed out the nazis to many, especially to street vendors on Telegraph. 

The folks at Revolution Books told me the group had passed them in complete silence, with all their heads averted away from the bookstore, as if hoping not to be noticed. 

What was this conservative, racist gaggle here for today? 

I am sharing my reconnaissance because I'd like to let Amber and her gang know they were spotted and notice was taken by many (with, ahem, my reconnaissance). Amber, you are too well known to folks in Berkeley who actually do care about free speech and nonviolence​, to hang out on Sproul Plaza, gather with your neo-con gang and not get noticed. Then walk down Telegraph in your mistaken belief that you did so unobtrusively. You were seen! 

And what the heck was this visit about? 

I considered checking out People's Park, to see if the gang went there after passing Rev Books, but my mobility scooter does not like Berkeley hills and it was running out of juice. Maybe I should tag team with another disabled scooter rider with walkie talkies?​ I wonder if this gaggle of aggresive, often violent, group of humans were strategizing something for later in the week. Or even later today, Sunday?! 

And, if I may, I offer some advice for Amber: invest in a better wig. This will help you move anonymously, at least for one neocon adventure. And your cheap bad wig does not do you justice. [This is me again, exercising my first amendment rights, but, hey, between us 'girls', you know I'm right.]. And consider a new blouse for your missions in disguise as Amber: the one you had on today did not cover your gigantic tummy very well. Again, free speech, Ambie.