Public Comment

Donald Trump

Tejinder Uberoi
Thursday July 05, 2018 - 01:13:00 PM

We live in dark times. President Trump’s lies, fabrications, and racist tweets are finally having an adverse impact on his popularity and support. 

His coarse language and insults have alienated our allies. Our Canadians cousins are seething with anger and large demonstrations are planned in the UK during Trump’s visit. 

He admires tyrannical rulers such as Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey who has jailed tens of thousands of dissidents including hundreds of reporters. He has expressed great affection for the “gun-toting” president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, whose vigilantes killed hundreds of “drug dealers.” Another of his favorites is the ruler of Saudi Arabia whose military has slaughtered tens of thousands of Yeminis with US-UK military support, including banned cluster bombs. Yes, the US and the UK are complicit in war crimes. 

The people of Yemen are dying in large number victims of chronic food shortages controlled by the ultra-rich Saudi kingdom. A huge cholera epidemic has intensified the suffering of the Yeminis. One call from President Trump could end the suffering. 

He courted the despot of North Korea, Kim Jong-un who manipulated him in halting the military exercises in South Korea much to the dismay of its president, Moon Jae-in and much to the delight of Kim. 

Trump and his congressional allies are attempting to defang the FBI to weaken Mueller’s investigation. He still refuses to release his tax returns. His latest tirade against immigrants is intensifying anger across America and much of the world.