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Epilogue of Kavanaugh Saga

Jagjit Singh
Tuesday October 09, 2018 - 11:31:00 AM

Unable to effectively blunt the damaging testimony of Dr. Ford and sensing their beer drinking and alleged sexual predator’s nomination slipping away, Trump and his morally bankrupt posse of bullies went on the attack. At a Mississippi campaign rally, Trump mocked Dr. Ford credulity regaling the crowd with his cruel taunts. Sadly, the FBI investigation turned out to be a complete sham, narrow in its scope with tight parameters established by the White House. It was designed to be a spectacle and fail. Key witnesses were ignored including 2,400 law professors who opposed Kavanaugh’s confirmation. 

The degrading era of Kavanaugh’s service on the Supreme Court lies ahead. Justice Kavanaugh will now join his “twin” Clarence Thomas, both forever tainted by dishonesty, shamelessness and hostility to the welfare and well-being of women. 

The virus of Trumpism is about to infect the Supreme Court for decades to come.