Tony Thurmond Attacked by Fraudulent Report from Tuck Campaign

Glen Kohler
Saturday October 27, 2018 - 05:36:00 PM

Tony Thurmond, who is running for California Superintendant of Schools, is an advocate of public education who opposes the Republican movement to privatize elementary and secondary education. 

Marshall Tuck, another so-called Democrat, is poised to serve the agenda to increase public funding of charter schools. 

Yesterday the Tuck campaign widely published and distributed a misleading hit piece, falsely labeled ‘ACLU’ in large type, to create the impression that the American Civil Liberties Union opposes Thurmond’s campaign. The ‘report’ alleges that Tony Thurmand has been sued multiple times for his role in education. 

The ACLU has published a disclaimer that the negative statements about Thurmond did not originate from that organization: 


Searching the web does not readily turn up corroboration of the claims asserted in the Tuck campaign's hit piece. 

Searching the web does show that Tony Thurmond’s record on the Courage Score web site is extraordinarily good. He is a defender of public education, and his record representing California Assembly District 15 is also good. 


The Tuck campaign, like the Wicks campaign, has received millions of dollars from Republicans and charter-school advocates. Such funding sources strongly indicate that Tuck is another faux ‘Democrat’ touted by anti-Democratic organizations and individuals, for a public office that could, in the wrong hands, damage the public interest.