Berkeley District 4 Endorsement Misplaced

Jeffrey J. Carter, Attorney at law
Saturday October 27, 2018 - 06:51:00 PM

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised that the East Bay Express endorsed “anybody but Kate Harrison” for the Berkeley City Council District 4 seat. The ostensible rationale was that her two opponents were stronger advocates for tenants, the homeless, and affordable housing. This is simply not true.  

In my 47 years as a tenants’ rights attorney, and former directing attorney of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, I have rarely seen a council person more concerned with protecting affordable housing than Kate Harrison who has been a strong advocate for tenants' rights and affordable housing.  

Kate also has the necessary administrative experience as well to be a fine progressive city council member. She has joined the ranks of Kriss Worthington and Maudelle Shirek who withstood the pressures of the council’s give-away practices to developers of outrageously priced rental housing.  

I have never seen either of her opponents involved in any of the many activities which I have participated in to protect tenants’ rights, rent stabilization and just causes for eviction for nearly a half century. In fact, Ben Gould has yet to support the passage of Prop 10, the single most important change to California tenant survival legislation. 

The Express endorsement of Kate’s opponents is grossly misplaced, especially since it appears that the paper neglected to even interview her.